Journey into Vanderfell

Xinbar’s Log: Second entry in Vanderfell

So a few interesting things have happened since the first log here on the new continent. I ended my last log on the note that the party that I had joined was making its way into a tree called at ‘tel’ Lissaiah (my wolf) and Liz (my wolverine) didn’t really like the idea of going in there but I decided that leaving the group this early on would be a bad idea as I have no knowledge of the way things are on this continent and I do know all the bad things that can go on in the forrest… So we make our way through some winding corridors my companions Liz and Lissaiah pick up on some trails but nothing really out of the ordinary. They really are well behaved and listen to me well of which it makes me proud of all the work we did together to become so strong together, since making it out on my own… We eventually came to the food cellar I allowed my pets to have a snack and they were wise enough to leave the rancid meat alone. My companions had apparently a really rowdy time with the dumbwaiter almost killing our dward friend in the process, but just as the orc and the dwarf got into that mess they made it out in one piece (or with new pieces added in the case of the dwarf). We eventually made it up to the kitchen (where the shaman fixed the dward enough to crash through the kitchen) and down into a secret corridor. I had to go down a ladder with Lissaih clinging to my back but we managed to navigate that with amazing teamwork. Once we all gathered in a secretish type work place we found a secret stone door that lead further down into the bedrock that this whole establishment was founded upon. My animal companions were dead set on a trail when we came to a room with a sealed off hallway, I was able to read the old script along with the dwarf and we deduced that where we were there was a crypt. The dwarf proceded to do his regular stone check but it seemed that that made the place angry or some angry ancient magic did a your not getting out of here trick (kinda like the ones the fey played on me) so we gathered that we couldn’t go up so further down we went. It was pitch black before but it got worse the further down we went. We came to a room all the way at the bottom and met the most charming fellow. He was burned to a crisp but was all aflame on the inside. The ogre chopped him though in one fell swoop and a fire snake came popping out. I was a little hessitant to send my companions to attack it and with good reason as the fire did more damage than the beast. My wolverine fought like a true warrior and the orge gave it a good swipe but the finishing blow came from the shaman who shot a clean shot through the melee and gutted teh fire snake clean through with an arrow. We put out some of the fires but the magical artifacts kept ablaze sans our fine efforts to put them out. More to follow later on our adventure when I have another opportunity to write.


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